Dianabol Benefits

With all of the media and social network discussion of the dangers of anabolic steroids, it is easy to overlook their benefits. After all, like most medications, scientists developed Dianabol for a reason – to enhance athletic performance. When used properly, it is possible to reduce the risk of significant side effects and reap the Dianabol benefits as intended.

Improves Mood

The media often focuses on a condition known as “roid rage” wherein they claim that anabolic steroid users are prone to uncontrollable fits of anger. This only happens when users fail to take Dianabol as recommended.

In fact, one of the most common Dianabol benefits is its ability to enhance mood. Although there are currently no scientific studies to back this claim, it is common among forums to find users who pair half of their daily Dianabol doses with a moderate amount of caffeine in order to achieve an almost euphoric feeling prior to their workouts. It is thought that the combination of Dianabol and caffeine stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, which are the “feel-good” chemicals.build muscles with dianabol

Oral Dosing

Most of the potent anabolic steroids on the market today are injectable, but not everyone enjoys (or can tolerate, for that matter) a daily injection.

Dianabol is by far the most powerful oral steroid, and while it also comes in an injectable form, the oral tablet is just as effective. It is true that oral steroids have more potential to cause liver damage, but this is mitigatable with the right doses over periods of no more than eight weeks per cycle.

Increases Potassium and Calcium in the Body

Although many users do not express any outright concern over the levels of potassium and calcium in their bodies, they should – especially if they want to gain lean muscle mass.

Clinical trials show that even low doses of Dianabol (2.5mg per day) increased potassium and calcium in measurable levels. Potassium is responsible for transmitting nerve signals, assisting in muscle contractions, and even triggering the release of insulin, all of which are important for bulking.

What’s more, calcium carries essential amino acids and creatine throughout the body. These are the building blocks of muscle tissue.

Generates Lactic Acid

Another of the most helpful Dianabol benefits is the steroid’s ability to generate lactic acid within the body. Muscles utilize lactic acid in large amounts to create a compound known as glycogen. Glycogen is an energy source for the muscles, and it allows them to work harder for a longer period. For carbohydrate-conscious athletes, lactic acid is responsible for the breakdown of carbs. Thus, increased levels of lactic acid reduce the likelihood that carbs will convert into sugar and later fat.

Offers Stamina

Workouts are crucial for building muscle, so the more an athlete can work his or her muscles, the more bulk he or she can generate. Another of the Dianabol benefits that athletes truly enjoy is the steroid’s ability to boost stamina during workouts. In fact, many athletes choose to take the entire daily dose of Dianabol (up to 50mg depending on tolerance) about 30 minutes prior to their workouts, claiming that these “super-doses” offer incredible stamina and endurance. Others break the full daily amount up into two or three doses throughout the day for a more stable concentration of the steroid in their bodies.

Although it is true that it has some side effects that are prominent when used irresponsibly, there are also plenty of Dianabol benefits for athletes and body builders alike. With the ability to gain as much as 30 pounds of lean muscle mass in just weeks, Dianabol is a top choice.

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