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What To Look For In A Weight Gainer For The Best Results

The best weight gainer will help you gain weight without any undesired ingredients or side effects. Some of these products have a high amount of sugar, and others may have too much fat in the finished drink. Another issue is large portion sizes, with some servings requiring 128 ounces to get the full benefit. This is a very large serving and may be difficult to drink in a single setting. When the amount is calculated for a smaller portion you may realize that the benefits are not as exceptional as you originally thought.

There are many weight gainer products on the market, and some of these products are far superior to others in helping you meet your fitness and weight goals. Protein is a big component of this type of product, because your muscles need plenty of protein to grow and repair. In addition muscle weighs more than fat does, so building muscle will typically mean a weight gain even if excess fat is burned off.

When you evaluate products looking for the best weight gainer one important factor is the biological value of the protein that is used. Each type of protein will have a specific biological value, and this value describes how quickly your body can use the available protein that is supplied. The higher the biological value of the protein source is the better the quality of the weight gainer will be.

Whey protein isolate is the most desired form of protein. This source has a biological value of 159. compare that to turkey, which has a BV of 79. The BV number for soy protein is 74, and casein protein is rated at a BV of 77. Obviously the whey protein isolate provides a much higher quality of protein, and weight gainers with this source tend to be more expensive but also more effective.

The best weight gainer is one that packs plenty of protein, without adding too many sugars at the same time. Large amounts of sugar can cause an insulin spike, and this may lead to lethargy and headaches as well as a number of other symptoms. Products which offer a reasonable amount of sugar and fat are ideal, while still providing the desired protein and calories.

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